Esteras Terraneo: anything but ordinary!
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Esteras Terraneo:

anything but ordinary!

Stylish planters in unique terracotta

A type of terracotta that combines the best of five different kinds of soil? That’s never been seen before! With the new Terraneo collection, Esteras is bound to send hearts racing among all those who value individual style, design and quality. Authentically handcrafted using sustainable methods, these planters are out to impress with their unique charm: Terraneo combines the qualities of five different types of soil, making it the only terracotta of its kind in the world and bestowing it with outstanding material properties – this earthenware really is raising the bar for the industry.

One of a kind, natural, robust

Esteras is the only brand of its kind to manufacture its products exclusively in its in-house production facilities and monitor each stage of the process along the way. Absolutely no chemical additives are used in the production of these earthenware products, so Terraneo is truly 100% natural. By evenly firing the material in the gas firing process, the terracotta is given a naturally warm colour without any unwanted reddening. What’s more, the careful processing of the material prevents any efflorescence from developing in the planters. The result is an exceptionally robust ceramic product that can even resist high temperature fluctuations, is able to resist frost in temperatures as low as -50 °C and also creates the perfect climate for the roots – Emsa is so confident of this, it even offers a 10 year frost resistance guarantee!

From simple shapes to Mediterranean classics and individual pieces brimming with character, Esteras Terraneo comprises a range of first-class planters made with passion, meticulous care and great flair. Anything but ordinary!

All the most important facts at a glance:

  • Unique combination of raw materials with 5 types of soil unlike any other in the world
  • Resistant to high temperature fluctuations
  • Frost resistant up to -50°C (-58°F)
  • Vapour permeable, ensuring the optimum environment for roots
  • No efflorescence
  • 100% natural – no chemical additives
  • Naturally warm terracotta colouring
  • Exclusively manufactured in our in-house production facilities
  • Unrivalled 10 year frost resistance guarantee
  • Available from retailers from 2016

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