EasyDrain: healty plants with no waterlogging

EasyDrain: healthy plants with no waterlogging

Whether it pours with rain or some well-meaning person has been a little heavy-handed with the watering-can – most plants dislike having "wet feet". For this reason, professional gardeners place a layer of clay granules and drainage felt in every plant pot. What used to be a time-consuming process is now absolutely straightforward: Emsa's fast, simple solution goes by the name of EasyDrain. The first professional drainage system for everyone makes it easier than ever to cultivate and repot plants. The result: healthy, thriving plants.

Professional repotting the easy way

EasyDrain does what its name implies. The felt bag containing high-quality clay granules is simply placed inside the pot and covered with earth – that's all! There's no tedious cutting of drainage felt. The granules not only serve to store water but also to draw excess moisture away from the roots, thus preventing waterlogging in the pot. This creates an ideal environment for the roots and aids healthy growth. 

This drainage system is likewise perfect for anyone who wishes to keep their plants on the balcony or the patio over the winter. Because it simultaneously protects all outdoor tubs against frost. EasyDrain is available in three practical sizes and consists of a particularly good quality felt and clay granules "made in Germany". This means it can be used for the next potting or repotting session, and the next – for several years!

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