Clou: The next-generation window box bracket

No screws needed: The next-generation window box bracket

Never before has it been so easy to fix a window box bracket. Clou, the next-generation window box bracket needs no screws at all. Its flexible belt fastener means window boxes can be fixed to all types of railings which is ideal for all those who want to secure their window-boxes easily and safely. 

It just always fits!

Clou is so versatile it can be fitted to all railing types, from the traditional to the circular. Its belt fastener is simply laid and fixed around railings up to eight centimetres in diameter. The bracket can be adjusted for many different depths and widths of window boxes which means that you can easily and safely fix all commercially available window-boxes up to one metre in length to railings. Clou is made of glass fibre-reinforced plastic making it extremely robust and durable with rust problems or scratched bases now being things of the past. The new generation window box bracket is available in the colours white and granite. 

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