Casa Series: sophisticated gloss-finish planters

Gloss-finish containers for indoor plants

Pure, sleek and stunning - this is the Casa "Brilliant" range. With its sophisticated gloss-finish planters and tall planters, Emsa has enhanced the existing series into a vibrant and complete product range. Customers can now find just the right product for every feel good-atmosphere - with great convenience, in a great design. 

Stunning outside, convenient inside

Whether in white, black or ruby red, the new high-gloss surfaces look extremely elegant and are a real eye-catcher in the store and at home. For customers looking for elegant containers for their indoor plants, the Casa "Brilliant" with its round planters in four sizes and associated tall planters is definitely the one to choose. And as expected with Casa, both models are a cachepot and practical planter rolled into one! The tall planters are fitted with a separate planting tray which makes them very easy to plant and their internal handles also makes them easy to remove and transport. As for the inside, the smartly-designed Aqua Comfort watering system is also very popular with customers as it ensures an ideal root climate in the pot, reducing the amount of watering required. 

And by the way, to match every living environment, Emsa are now also offering tall planters in a matt granite surface and in a lichen look which tone with current garden and balcony furniture. 

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