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Homemade food to go is the top trend - but it is not a new trend: it is based on the principle of "cooking ahead". It has many advantages, such as creating more flexibility in day-to-day life.

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Five simple and delicious recipes to cook ahead!
Do you want to start the new week well prepared and eat delicious, varied and healthy meals every day? We will show you how to quickly and easily cook ahead five colourful and delicious dishes - perfect for a tiring week at work and without leftovers! We have put together a shopping list for you. You will probably already have many of the basics at home.

To create your own plan, you can download our weekly planner and record meals and ingredients there. Storage tips are provided on top:

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140 g rice
100 g penne pasta
2 cloves of garlic
olive oil
vegetable broth
salt and pepper
paprika powder
chili powder
medium-hot mustard
balsamic vinegar

Shopping list:

1 small tin kidney beans
1 small tin corn
50 g lamb's lettuce
350 g broccoli (fresh or frozen)
150 g chicken
2 carrots, small
2 zucchini, small
1 sweet potatoe
50 g red lentils
3 onions, small
2 garlic cloves
1 pack feta
1 tin chunky tomatoes
50 ml cream

Varied, healthy and delicious

5 days - 5 recipes

The best secret meal prepping tips

To get the full benefit of meal prepping, good planning is worth its weight in gold. First, think about what you would like to cook. In general, any food can be used. Meals with the same base, such as rice or pasta, are quick and easy to cook for the entire week. Then you combine this base with different sides which gives you varied and balanced meals.

Have you thought about which dishes you want to cook and are you ready for meal prepping? Then find a day when you have enough time for your meal prepping session. You could, for example, do your shopping on Saturday and cook the dishes on Sunday. Cooking your meals ahead for the week saves you time on the other days, which you can spend on doing fun things.

The best way is to pack your prepared meals in air-tight containers and store these in the centre compartment of your fridge. This will keep your dishes fresh for a few days. So that you can enjoy your meals to the full, it is recommended that salad be eaten on the day it is prepared. This ensures it stays fresh and crisp. You can safely store spinach, fish and seafood in the fridge for one to two days, preferably in the lower compartment.

Are you a meal prepping pro and would you like to prepare meals for an entire week, but not sacrifice on flavour and freshness? No problem! Simply freeze your meals and place them in the fridge to defrost the night before eating.

CLIP & CLOSE Mealprep Set


With a capacity of 800 ml, the five meal prepping boxes are ideally sized for a full meal. The freshness seal ensures longer-lasting freshness for your pre-cooked food and the CLIP & CLOSE containers are 100% leak-proof ensuring easy transportation.

CLIP & CLOSE Mealprep Set

The Mealprep set is:

Freezer safe
Freezer safe
Dishwasher safe
Dishwasher safe
Microwave safe
Microwave safe
30-year guarantee
30-year guarantee
Certified for baby food
Certified for baby food