Reduce, reuse, refill

Reduce, reuse, refill

No more disposable quick fixes

On the way to work, at the next meeting on the agenda or while shopping – the tradition of enjoying a coffee from a paper cup on the go is more popular than ever. But that quick coffee fix leaves a bitter aftertaste: the short useful life of disposable cups means mass production on a huge scale, and this in turn harms the environment. 

The environmental impact in numbers
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70% OF COFFEE DRINKERSin Germany regularly use takeaway coffee cups.
320.000* DISPOSPABLE CUPSused every hour in Germany – that’s 7.6 million a day and 2.8 million a year.
JUST 15 MINUTES– that’s the average useful life of a takeaway coffee cup.

A CHAIN MEASURING ROUGHLY 150.000 km IN LENGTHis what you’d get if you were to line up all the disposable cups used in Germany in a year alongside each other. That’s enough to go round the planet three and a half times!
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The solution: reusable, not disposable

High-quality stainless steel or plastic thermo mugs make for a smart, environmentally friendly alternative: by using a reusable mug, each person in Germany could save 34 disposable coffee cups on average each year.

Finally, something to hold onto – the environmentally friendly choice for great coffee on the go

The Travel Mug thermo mug not only makes the pleasure of coffee on the go more environmentally friendly, but it also makes it last a long time: the high-quality stainless steel mug keeps drinks hot for 4 hours and cold for 8 hours, plus it’s also 100% leak-proof. Remarkably practical: the ingenious 360-degree all-round drinking aperture allows you to drink your beverage from any side, plus the mug is completely dishwasher safe. The TRAVEL MUG thermo mug is also a three-time test winner to boot.**

And another thing: preparing a coffee to take with you in a thermo mug isn’t just a more environmentally friendly option; it’s also a cheaper alternative to enjoying your daily hit from a disposable cup.


From simple to colourful: hot coffee guaranteed!

Go for the classic stainless steel option or a colourful silicone sleeve: TRAVEL MUG thermo mugs are a stylish, on-trend accessory for on the move. With various colours available, there’s a model for every takeaway coffee lover – and they’re all environmentally friendly, that’s a guarantee!  


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** “WDR Servicezeit” and “SWR Marktcheck”: 7 thermo mugs on the test bench, broadcast on 10 January 2013; | ZDF “Volle Kanne”: 6 thermo mugs on the test bench, 7 February 2014 | NDR 1 Radio MV: 5 thermo mugs on the test bench, 29 January 2015