Enjoy a feeling of relaxation and well-being: freshly-brewed coffee gives us unique moments of bliss thanks to its distinctive aroma and delicious flavour. Just a whiff of that gorgeous smell is enough to put a smile on any coffee lover’s face.

And with the AROMA DIAMOND, the enjoyment of coffee is transformed into a magical experience for the senses.

Höchste Qualität

True beauty comes
from within

The AROMA DIAMOND captures possibly coffee’s most important trademark feature: its aroma. The unique diamond shape helps to preserve the sumptuous aroma inside the jug for a remarkably long time, thus instantly prolonging the flavour for even longer-lasting enjoyment.

Just like freshly brewed coffee

Just like freshly
brewed coffee

Coffee is pure emotion: it contains up to 800 aromatic substances that stimulate the senses. The AROMA DIAMOND holds them all together in elegant, beautifully-formed vacuum jugs – so you can enjoy coffee that tastes freshly brewed.

Pleasure guaranteed

You can rely on the AROMA DIAMOND. Keeping beverages warm for up to twelve hours, the liner exceeds standards by up to 20 percent. That’s why EMSA has decided to double its guarantee – not just for the insulating capacity, but for the product as a whole. Exclusive quality and a unique 10 year guarantee – that’s the AROMA DIAMOND promise.
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