Apprenticeships and dual studies

Apprenticeships have always been important at EMSA. This is shown, above all, in our consistently high trainee ratio. We are currently training 35 apprentices in 10 different occupations. Whether commercial or industrial vocational training or dual studies, EMSA offers something for everyone.

Regardless of which career you are interested in, as an apprentice at EMSA, you are a fully active team member and will gradually take on more and more responsibility. Depending on your interests and abilities, you will have the opportunity to take on your own small projects and thus, to a certain extent, be able to shape your training yourself.

Quality is the absolute top priority not only for EMSA products but also for the training we offer. To assist you in preparing for your examinations, we offer supplementary courses as well as internal and external seminars in addition to the vocational training.

Following the completion of the training, there are many doors open to you at EMSA - it is our plan that you stay with the company and that we have a long-term working relationship. Consequently, we also support any interest in further education and training and offer long-term career prospects.

All apprenticeship positions for 2016 are already occupied.

We will begin the selection process for 2017 in the summer. Apply using the relevant online form as soon as you find your dream job in our job offers. We look forward to getting to know you!
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